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By pre-ordering a bag of Sebago potatoes, you're letting us know how many to order from the farm. Once we have the potatoes onsite, we will send them with your next delivery!

Sebago potatoes are one of the most widely used varieties, and are a good all-rounder potato. They have thin, brown skin and firm, dense, smooth, cream-white coloured flesh. They have a fluffy texture and mild, earthy taste when cooked. Due to its floury texture, this variety fries and roasts well, but is likely to fall apart when boiled. The medium starch content means they can be baked, mashed, and grilled as well.

Sebago potatoes were created by the United States Department of Agriculture in partnership with the Maine Agricultural Experiment Station in 1938. Developed in Maine, Sebago potatoes are a cross between 'Chippewa' and 'Katahdin' varieties. After its release, Sebago potatoes were introduced to regions across the United States and later arrived in Victoria, Australia in 1940.

They were popular in the USA in the early 1900's, but have fallen out of favour due to new varieties on the market. Sebago potatoes, however, are now highly beloved in Australia, where they are primarily used to make fries. They are championed by famous Australian Chef, Rob Kabboord.