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Pinehaven Farm

Produced In: Millbrook, Ontario

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By pre-ordering a bag of Terra Rosa potatoes, you're letting us know how many to order from the farm. Once we have the potatoes onsite, we will send them with your next delivery!

Terra Rosa potatoes are an heirloom fingerling variety with deep magenta skin and flesh that can be pinkish and marbled with white. The awesome thing about this variety is that they maintain their colour when cooked, and are also excellent for making chips and fries, so add a splash of colour to any dish. They can also be microwaved, baked, and made into potato salad. The flesh cooks up sweet and creamy, and contains lots of antioxidants. They can be grilled and are similar in performance to Yukon Golds.

This cultivar was bred by Charles Brown of Oregon State University. It was crossed at the Agricultural Research Service- United States Department of Agriculture in Prosser, Washington, in 2001, then in Madras, Oregon in 2003. It was developed by the Northwest Potato Variety Development Program, and released by Oregon State University in 2012, making it a very new variety.