Radish, Watermelon (approx 454g)

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Despite the name, watermelon radishes do not taste like a watermelon! They are named for the resemblance to the summery fruit, with a creamy light green exterior and a vibrant pink flesh.

Watermelon radish has a mild flavour that is sweet but peppery.  Unlike most other radish varieties, the watermelon radish grows a mellower taste the longer it matures.

These radishes are a beautiful and tasty addition to salad and grain bowls, and also go great with a slice of cheese! 

Watermelon radishes can be stored for several weeks in a plastic bag in your refrigerator.

About the Vendor

Founded by Jessica Foote in 2008, Lunar Rhythm Gardens has been growing vegetables for 12 years now, six of which the vegetables have been Certified Organic. In conjunction with vegetables we also farm with horses, run a small cow calf operation, raise pigs, chickens, and egg layers on non-GMO feed. Our goal is diversity, as it is in nature, and replicating the cycles of life. Growing nutrient dense food with sustainable long term practices.

Produce we have available during the season varies! But we grow a wide variety. We will have on offer everything from A to Z, that can be grown in Canada.

We will also have available our beef, and pork. Though it is available on a first come first serve basis.


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Website: csafarmdurhamkawartha.com

Contact - Jessica Foote - 905-986-9612- info@lunargardens.ca