Salad Dressing, Strawberry Balsamic (213mL)

La Presserie

Produced In: Prepared in Toronto, Ontario

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Storage: Frozen -18 C

Ingredients: Strawberries, Balsamic vinegar, Grapeseed oil, Cold pressed strawberry juice, Basil, Cold pressed jicama juice, Pink Himalayan salt, Black pepper

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Strawberry Balsamic - Plant-Based Cold Pressed Dressing

Flash frozen to lock in Freshness and Shelf Life - Freezing is nature’s pause button and the most natural way to seal in the goodness, nutrients and flavours. Convenient dressings to stock & display without the pressure of a short shelf life. 60 Days refrigerated after thawing.

Like all good stories, La Presserie started with a simple idea and a bold objective; to craft the most delicious cold pressed juice, period. Today, La Presserie makes a variety of cold pressed juices that are uncompromisingly unique and flavourful.

We believe that having great tasting food and better choices is one of the key ingredients to happiness.

We bring this belief to life by creating cold pressed juices, smoothies and plant-based dressings that through their incredible taste appeal, quality and uncompromising artisan craftsmanship, instill you with total confidence and leave you energized.

Our passion for food and innovation come together to deliver products at the sweet spot of taste and health. Products that simply make you happier because better tasting food nourishes both the body and the soul.