Spice Blend, Baharat (100g)

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Origin: Arab Gulf Region and Turkey, via North Africa.

Profile: Sweet, Warm, Earthy, Smoky.

Uses: Often added to frying onions to release its fullest flavour, baharat spice is a superb lamb rub. It's also well suited to seasoning kofta, chicken kebabs, and vegetables.

Fun facts: Just as South Asia has garam masala and North Africa has ras el hanout, the Middle East's all-purpose spice blend is baharat (bahar meaning spice in Arabic).  
Contains: Allspice, Smoked Paprika, Turmeric, Black Pepper, Cumin, Cardamom, Coriander
May contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts, mustard seeds, soy, wheat, sulphites, milk solids, & sesame seeds.


At Never Not Eating we are grounded in the cultural and culinary contexts of the spice blends we have handcrafted, with respect and reverence to those who have cooked before us. Our chef-inspired spice blends are designed to inspire you with the flavours of the Middle East and North Africa and bring these flavours to your table. We have done all the work for you sourcing and crafting the freshest spice blends so you can recreate a bold flavoured restaurant-quality meals at home to transport you to somewhere more exotic.

Bon appetit, בתיאבון, بالعافية!

To always provide the freshest and most innovative products in the market, with a focus on community.

We source all of our spices locally from Canadian importers that take the care to select for quality and freshness on our behalf. Our spices are blended with precision, and attention to our small batch production to ensure the freshness of our product.

With a major in food & hospitality marketing & branding, and a minor in flavour and sustainability, Joel Solish hopes to bring a new spin to the spice game.
Joel took over 20 years of experience and put it all into Never Not Eating, to bring the very best of Middle Eastern and North African flavours to your plate.