Tea, Mint Punch Herbal (15g)

Foggy River Farm

Produced In: Uxbridge, Ontario

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Ingredients: Apple Mint, Mojito Mint, Banana Mint, Berries & Cream Mint, Tarragon

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This is not-your-average-mint tea.

What happens when herb farmers decide to have some fun? We grow banana mint, berries & cream mint, mojito mint, and apple mint and we blend them into a tea. Add a pinch of tarragon for some balancing spice, and voila... a flavour unlike any other.

We are a small-scale regenerative herb farm and forest garden located near Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada. Owners Phil and Kate Collins founded Foggy River Farm with a desire to use agriculture as a catalyst to restore connection between people and the ecosystems they inhabit.

We practice ecological farming and ethical wildcrafting guided by permaculture, herbalism, and our reverence for the earth. Our harvests are transformed into herbal teas and medicinals, culinary seasonings, and natural skincare products, and are available at local farmers markets, online, in select stores, and through the wonderful creations of our wholesale partners.

We believe in transparency of our farming operation. If the information you are looking for cannot be found here, send any questions about our farm to hello@foggyriverfarm.com.