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Baked Potato Squash are butternut-coloured acorn squash with creamy yellow flesh inside a ridged rind. They flesh has a sweet and nutty flavour, reminiscent of peanut butter. These squash are ready for harvest in Ontario in late summer through to the winter, as they can be stored in a cool dry place in the off-season months.

Baked Potato Squash is excellent for enjoying in soups, stews, casseroles, or roasted, baked, steamed, boiled, or mashed as a side dish. This squash can be cubed, blanched, and frozen for longer storage in the off-season months.

Although similar to 'Mashed Potato Squash", 'Baked Potato Squash' are not the same thing. Mashed Potato Squash are white versions with a ridged rind, acorn shape, and white flesh. Both varieties were developed by Thompson & Morgan to provide people with low-calorie and low-carb and higher in fibre alternatives to potatoes.