Shortbread, Spicy Cheddar (150g)


Produced In: Cobourg, Ontario

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This is still the, "Chef's Pick" after all these years! Not too hot; not too mild.

The pinch of cayenne pepper with 4-year old Canadian cheddar cheese makes this flavour the ultimate pairing with a glass of full-bodied red -- and it is fab with any cold beer! This savoury shortbread has the perfect finish on your palette -- with just a nice warmth of heat on the finish. Serve with goat cheese, soup -- works wonders on a charcuterie board!


Baked from scratch with the finest ingredients we can get our hands on, that’s part of our mission. Small batches that are handmade with care, with passion. We promise only the best quality that money can buy.

None of our products contain any hydrogenated or tropical oils. We don’t do trans fats either. We don’t include artificial flavourings or preservatives. When we bake with only pure ingredients, we deliver all natural flavors with intense, real taste.

Our team makes our cookie dough daily.

We also bake every day to bring our pure product to our fine retailer’s shelves within a few days of baking.

Store our fine cookies in your cupboard like a regular cookie or a cracker. Enjoy simply, or add a soft cheese on top, whatever makes your palate happy.