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First Fish works with local Inuit communities of Pangnirtung and Rankin Inlet who have been fishing for thousands of years. Fishing is a critical piece of their lifestyle, culture, and industry, and First Fish is honoured to be able to share some of their stories through the fish.

All of the fish from First Fish are wild caught, using sustainable, traditional, local methods that have been developed over thousands of years. This includes hand harvesting using long lines and gill nets through up to eight feet of ice in the winter, and out on boats during the summer.

The fishing methods used up north are all very sustainable. Not only does hand harvesting avoid creating unnecessary pollution in the water, they also operate with very little to no by catch to protect other species living in the waters.  The Arctic  Char and Turbot have double the Omega 3 Oils compared to what you'll often find in other fish, because it is caught in the wild, north of the Arctic Circle.

First Fish is very proud to work with such incredible Indigenous communities, and have the opportunity to share some of their unique stories across Canada. 

First Fish