Erin and Tyler started Foragers Farm because they wanted to be self sufficient. They wanted to be able to support themselves with an outdoor income, and farming was the perfect fit. Foragers Farm is a Certified Naturally Grown market garden family farm that specials in small-batch foraged wilds from their local terroir, and grows over thirty varieties of herbs, fruit, and vegetables. In the shoulder seasons, Erin and Tyler focus heavily on sprouts and wild medicinals until their gardens are abundant. 

Erin and Tyler are first generation farmers, working to use their years of knowledge and small savings to build their farm and community each year. They are expanding their farm at a rate that they're comfortable with. Foragers Farm combines Erin and Tyler's passions of self sufficiency, food storage, food preservation, and foraging, in hopes of inspiring others. Tyler is a tradesman and has saved them lots of expenses through hours of research and building, while Erin takes care of farmers market harvests, CSA, the store on their farm, social media, and all things customer related. 

Foragers Farm is a low till farm, that practices organic farming. To bond the trust with customers, Foragers Farm has been Certified Naturally Grown by third party verification. Erin and Tyler practice biodynamic methods and continues to work towards becoming a fully self-sufficient operation. They are also interested in regenerating landscape by practicing ecological growing techniques and investing in the soil.

Erin and Tyler prioritize taking care of their interns, who all enjoy food grown on the farm. They fill in any gaps with foods purchased at farmers markets, and purchase organically in bulk to save money so that the interns can enjoy the same food as the family. The Foragers Farm team is a tight knit community on the land that they rent, each person has their role and the combined forces help us all in the end. 
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