Lettuce, Blend of the Week

Pure Home Grown

Produced In: Lakefield, Ontario

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Blend of the Week is a dynamic mix of aquaponically grown lettuces to elevate your salads, sandwiches and dishes. Enjoy a rotating variety of lettuce blends for a unique and delicious experience every time.

Pure Home Grown is the only Aquaponics facility in Ontario researching and raising a variety of leafy greens and Koi fish, but also doing it via geo-air energy. The complete system will be a carbon decreasing approach that reduces GHG emissions giving us an end result that will be eco-friendly and sustainable. All this while providing "Pure Home Grown", nutrient rich, locally grown greens and Koi free from pesticides, herbicides and fungicides to our local markets, restaurants and consumers year-round whilst maintaining a more sustainable food source for our future generations that is environmentally conscious in its use of land, water, gas and energy.