Fillet, Sablefish (approx 680g)

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Sablefish is also known as 'black cod'

Product of B.C.
Harvested, processed and packed in B.C.

Catch: Trawl caught
Flavour: Rich, buttery flavour, silky texture

Sea Choice Green
Ocean Wise

Native to the North Pacific, this white flesh fish is a rich yet mild flavoured delicacy known for its charcoal grey skin and white flesh that contains more omega-3 than wild salmon. The soft texture, high oil content, and way that the large delicate flakes melt in your mouth for a velvety and satiny finish has earned this fish the nickname "butterfish".

This fish is usually the meal centrepiece, or an addition to salads or specialty fish sandwiches. The high fat content makes the fillets perfect for grilling, smoking, frying, or sushi, and the flesh of this fish is excellent for absorbing marinades, although it is quite tasty without them. A 6 ounce serving has 23g protein and 26g fat, which makes it about as fatty as salmon belly and fattier than pacific cod and halibut, contributing to a more luxurious mouth feel with a taste milder than salmon and tuna.

This fish is not actually a member of the cod family and is not suitable for most cod fish recipes. It is an environmentally superior choice to Chilean sea bass, and is commercially important to Japan for sushi preparation (in fact, much of USA/Canadian sablefish catch is exported to Japan each year).

Sablefish is a bottom-dwelling opportunistic predator that feeds on Pacific cod, Alaskan pollock, eulachan, herring, squid, euphausiids and jellyfish. The majority of this fish is commercially caught at 20 years old, giving them a chance to spawn before catching. Sablefish are found from North Mexico all the way up to the Gulf of Alaska and west to the Aleutian Islands and up into the Bering Sea. They are high in vitamin B12, niacin, selenium, iodine, phosphorous, magnesium, iron, zinc, and calcium. They are a long, sleek fish reaching lengths of 28 inches and weights of 8 lb. 

The name "sablefish" is derived from the small, dark brown to black scales which feel velvety, much like a sable fur. The smoked version of this fish is also a staple of Jewish delicatessens, sold sliced as a bagel topping like smoked sturgeon and smoked whitefish.