Lemon, Organic (package of 6)

Pfennings Farms

Produced In: South Africa

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Certified Organic Lemon

 recipe comes from Brooke, part of the Graze Team who works diligently behind
 the scenes to prepare your order for delivery each week.  She's a 
creative and talented cook and baker, and so when we realized that life 
has quite literally given us lemons...she gives you lemonade that is "a 
hit anytime I serve it".

1. Make simple syrup: gently simmer 1 3/4 cup white sugar with 1 cup water until completely dissolved. Chill.

2. Make lemonade: mix the juice of 6 large lemons with 4 cups cold water. Mix with simple syrup

3. Add 4-8 tablespoons of haskap syrup, to taste. Stir well and chill to ready to fix drink

4. Garnish glass with ice and fresh mint leaves. Add liquor of choice. Pour in haskap lemonade 3/4 full. Top with sparkling water, carbonated tonic water, club soda etc.
--simple syrup and sparkling water can be subbed with sprite if short on time