Butter, Grass Fed Organic Sweet/Unsalted (4 x 250g)

MC Dairy

Produced In: Toronto, Ontario

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Price Per Unit: $10.18/250g

Storage: Freezer

Ingredients: Non-homogenized Grass Fed Organic Cream (Milk)

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Save $0.67/brick when you order 4 x Unsalted Grass Fed Organic butter bricks instead of a single butter.

A rich golden butter high in beta carotene made the way butter was made a century ago. For this butter we only use certified grass fed and certified organic cream which has been tempered for 48 hours to ensure a smooth texture. Additionally, our butter is barrel churned and its smooth texture is further enhanced by rolling out and folding the freshly churned butter to condition it and to remove excess moisture.

Grass Fed Certified
Organic Certified
Jersey Cow Milk
Kosher Certified
Halal Certified
100% Canadian Milk Certified