Bone Broth, Chicken 473mL


Produced In: Ingredients raised in Bobcaygeon, Ontario, prepared in Toronto, Ontario.

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This concentrated chicken bone broth is made with roasted pastured chicken carcasses and is unseasoned so you can flavour it to your own taste. It can be consumed on its own as a warm nutrient dense drink, or as an ingredient for many dishes.
Try using bone broth to replace a quarter to half of the water for cooking rice, as a base for soups, sauces, or as a braising liquid. A splash in your stir-fried dishes will boost any dish you prepare in a wok!

This bone broth has been made by _PublicLabel, a prepared food project by caterToronto. Our goal is to make everyday special with food and beverages that positively care for people and the planet.

*In an effort to reduce single use plastics, this broth is frozen in 500ml mason jars. Due to the expansion of the broth during freezing, some of the lids have "popped". The broth is still safe to consume, but it may be difficult to reuse the lid!

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