Cider, Apple/Cranberry (3L)

Geissberger Farmhouse Cider

Produced In: Hampton, Ontario

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Box of Apple Cranberry Cider

Made from Ontario Apples. Enjoy a refreshing glass of chilled cider or heat it up on cold winter nights. Hot or cold, you will enjoy a fresh tasting , 100% natural, Pasteurized apple cider with a 100% Cranberry Concentrate.

No preservatives added, No sugar added, No water added. Once open, the cider has a 3 month shelf-life without refrigeration. Add to a blender of ice for a nice cider slushie.

Ingredients: Apples, Cranberries


    About the Vendor

    Besides making our own cider we also travel around Ontario with the our Mobile Apple Cider Mill producing cider for over 40 apple growers. In 2013 we were honoured to accept the Premier's Leadership in Innovation Award at the Agri-Food Summit in Toronto (news release). Our mobile mill was also on an episode of Dragons' Den.

    A family business since 1970, Farmhouse Cider mixes pioneer knowledge with modern technology. All cider is pasteurized to produce a safe product while protecting the cider's natural benefits.