Flour, Redeemer Organic (1.5Kg)

LoonSong Farm

Produced In: Northumberland, Ontario

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Storage: Freezer

This whole wheat Redeemer flour is certified organic.
It is the ideal flour for sourdough baking.

From Loonsong:
Please note that our flours, as they always have been, are true whole grain. This means that they include the oil-containing germ (which is removed in refined flours). Since the exposed oil once milled will be prone to oxidation leading to rancidity based on time and the greater the temperature, we recommend using the flour within a few weeks of milling, and if that isn't possible then keeping it under refrigeration or, better yet, frozen. This may be of concern, especially to home bakers, who may be buying a big bag for cost effectiveness but may take an extended period of time before using it all. This is not the white flour that we've mostly become used to in the last 100 years! As always, let us know if you have any questions.