LoonSong farm is owned and ran by Heather and Paul. They chose to pursue organic and biodynamic farming because it is an endeavour where they each can bring their different skills and knowledge together in order to bring high quality food to fruition. It allows Paul and Heather the opportunity to work together, close to the land, be connected with people in their community, and make a positive impact on the world. Farming isn't easy, predictable, or well-remunerated, but it does feel like some of the most important work Heather and Paul can do! 

Paul and Heather grow all of their crops organically and all of their fields are certified organic. LoonSong works with a variety of cover crops to build soil within crop rotations. Since they are rotating crops, the harvest changes from year-to-year, and the food they have available may vary each year. Continuing to rotate the crops is important because it allows for soil regeneration. 

In addition to practicing organic growing methods, LoonSong also utilizes biodynamic methods which develops awareness of the inner life processes of soils, plants, and animals, while taking care of their own inner lives as much as possible. While LoonSong doesn't currently employ any interns or employees, Heather and Paul value staying connected with other farmers and food lovers in communities surrounding their farm.

They are proud to know that they have done their very best to continue to grow and offer food that is delicious and life-giving. The fact that folks keep coming back and asking for more helps Paul and Heather to feel that the food they are offering is needed, and appreciated!  

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