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Jane and Frank chose to start La Cultura Salumi and cultivate high quality dry aged meats together, because they love that this allows them to work closely together making incredible foods for others to enjoy. La Cultura Salumi is the result of Jane and Frank's lifelong love of exceptional food, and they're very proud of what they have built and achieved.  After working in the meat business for many years, Frank and Jane began to dream of retirement...and their retirement dream included a project near to their hearts: enjoying fine, Italian air-dried meats here in Canada.

Frank immigrated here to Canada when he was a young boy, with roots on his family's farm back in Italy. Over the years he returned to the family farm many times, and it was through those visits that he decided to work alongside Italian masters of air-dried meats to perfect his craft. Through these experiences, Frank learned the value of hand selecting each piece of meat and the benefits of providing personal attention.

Frank and Jane's approach to dry aged meats is to source from high quality suppliers throughout the entirety of the process. They use only the highest quality meat from reputable, local suppliers for production, and add in high quality spices. Jane and Frank believe that if your starting point is with a high quality meat, it is easiest to have a high quality final food product. 

When we asked Jane what she was most proud of, she answered that she's proud of the wide array of meats her, Frank, and the team at La Cultura Salumi are making; and the joy that people get when they eat the food she makes. All of the meats from La Cultura Salumi are gluten free, low in sodium, and use natural spices, because Jane wants to respect the different dietary needs that people may have, and for the most people to be able to enjoy their meats.