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Produced In: Millbrook, Ontario

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By pre-ordering a bag of Nicola potatoes, you're letting us know how many to order from the farm. Once we have the potatoes onsite, we will send them with your next delivery!

Nicola potatoes are long and oval in shape with thin skin that ranges from brown to light yellow. The flesh is yellow with a waxy consistency that is firm, dense, and goes smooth and fine grained when cooked. They have a mild, nutty, earthy flavour and are excellent boiled, baked, or roasted. Due to their low starch and high moisture content they retain their shape well when heated.

This variety is comparable to Maris Peer and have a lower glycemic index than most other potato varieties.

This cultivar was developed and released in Germany in the 1960's by Dr. Hans-Juergen Fitschen of Europlant. It was officially registered in Lunenburg, Germany in 1973, and quickly spread thereafter to the Netherlands for commercial cultivation. 'Clivia' is a parent cultivar. 

This variety won "Potato of the Year" in 2016, and is popular to grow for Christmas time in Europe as it pairs wonderfully with roasts and the traditional Christmas flavours.