Pie, Steak & Kale (2/pack)

Mnandi Pies

Produced In: Toronto, Ontario

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Price Per Unit: $5.98/pie

Storage: Freezer

Ingredients: Steak, Kale, Onions, Tomatoes, Spices, Puff Pastry (Wheat Flour, Non-Hydrogenated Vegetable Shortening, Salt)

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Pack of 2 pies, 80g each.

A popular Zimbabwean dish with stewed beef and kale, simmered in a tomato gravy and seasoned with a Zimbabwean spice blend.

"I grew up as the sixth of nine children in a township called Nyanga, north east of the capital city of Zimbabwe. My mom was a teacher, and in Zimbabwe, teachers get paid only once a month. It was always a special time in our household. Once in a while, my mom would buy a meat pie as a treat. She would cut it into nine pieces to make sure each of us got a taste.  And that taste stayed with me all these years. 

 When I moved to Canada, I couldn't find anything like Zimbabwean meat pies on the market. I only remembered how it tasted. So delicious, so flaky, just gooey, savoury goodness. So I set out to make one. I experimented and cooked up a storm – I even got spices directly from Zimbabwe – until l I achieved that unforgettable flavour. And I knew I had to share it with more people. That’s how Mnandi was born. It’s a little piece of Zimbabwe, made with love."

– Evis Chirowamhangu, Owner & Founder of Mnandi Pies