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Produced In: Janetville, Ontario

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Certified Organic

The 2024 harvest is here! 
One palm-sized kohlrabi head with greens, a little over a half pound each.

Kohlrabi is similar in taste to cabbage but shares its texture with turnip. Both the leaves and the bulbous stem are edible. The leaves are similar to swiss chard or kale. Kohlrabi are usually ready for harvest in Ontario from June to September, depending on the growing conditions.

Kohlrabi can be enjoyed raw or cooked. It can be used much like cabbage or turnip. It can be added into salads and coleslaws for an added refreshing and slightly spicy flavour, or can be roasted, steamed, fried, boiled, or sauteed. The leaves can be enjoyed in the same ways as swiss chard and kale. Since the skin can be indigestible, it is recommended that the Kohlrabi is peeled before enjoyed.

Kohlrabi is a cool weather vegetable, same as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, chard, and kale, which is the family it belongs to. It is not a root vegetable but a stems that bulbs above ground level. It can be found in green and purple varieties, however then insides for both are still a creamy yellow. Kohlrabi originated in Northern Europe and is now grown in North America, Austrailia, Europe, and the Mediterranean. It was selectively cultivated to have the bulbous, swollen stems.